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Vicki Kravitz served on the Meadow View PTO board for two years (2015-2016 & 2016-2017 school years) as Secretary


What made you first get involved with the PTO at Meadow View?

Honestly, I was never one to participate in the PTO but I was very active in volunteering at the school. The two people who were co-secretaries the year prior to me taking the role, were moving and stepping down and the PTO President at the time, Brittnee Pierse, (who is also a friend of mine), approached me to take over the Secretary role.  

What was your favorite experience serving on the board?

I would say making friends, not only with the other board members but other parents and teachers as well, probably tops the list. In addition to the camaraderie, I really enjoyed getting a better look at how the school is run and what unique challenges administration and the teaching staff have and how we as parents can help support them.

Do you feel that you made a difference by being part of the PTO board? Why/how?

Absolutely! No matter what you do there will always be people who don't appreciate your efforts but as long as the people who matter the most to you appreciate them, it makes it all worthwhile. The PTO has provided some very tangible benefits for the school, things that the students use on a daily basis or things that have enhanced their learning process (Smart Boards, computers, enrichment experiences, etc). 


What would be your advice to any incoming board member?

Don't get stuck thinking that the PTO has to be a certain thing. I have been part of the Meadow View family for 10 years and have seen many different activities and fundraisers from the various PTO boards over that time. If you see something that you think can be better, propose it! Feel free to be creative and make it the experience that you want for you and your child. Also, know that you are not alone. You will have the support of other parents, administration and teaching staff.

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