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Presented by Prairie Hawk Dental

Our Fall Fundraiser will be a Fun Run hosted by the PTO and Apex on Friday, October 7, 2022.

The PTO has listened to the needs of the school and this years funds will go towards a school wide field trip by grade. Each grade is voting on a location and the funds raised will support transportation and other related costs. 


Do you have or know a small business that may want to sponsor our Fun Run? Please use this link to our sponsorship page. 

Would you like show interest to volunteer for next years Fun Run planning committee? Fill out this form.

Each year the elected PTO board, and planning committee will decide if they want to DIY or use a company to host an annual Fun Run or similar fundraising event. Please look out for communications about this event in early fall of each new school year or attend PTO meetings to hear more. 

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