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In order to document everything that the PTO would like to accomplish, we created a plan to guide us through the school year. 


This 2014-2015 Strategic Action Plan includes four main objectives

  • Steamline and improve communications

  • Improve awareness and image of the PTO

  • Increase our volunteer base

  • Fundraise to support our operating budget


Under each objective are many supporting strategies and objectives. You can read the 2014-2015 Strategic Action Plan in its entirety, and we will also feature elements of it here to showcase some of the exciting things we are working on.



"Build a new website"


This tactic falls under the "Streamline and improve communications" objective, and if you're reading this, it means we have executed this tactic!


Our new website is designed to help provide a hub for all things PTO. It's the go-to resource for all events and news, and you can even shop!



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