The PTO is excited to offer this opportunity for Meadow View families to purchase gift cards for just about any merchant in the U.S. and have a percentage of each come back to the school! With more than 700 of the country's biggest retailers to choose from, you can use Scrip to pay for your everyday purchases or to use as gifts.


Each card has its own percentage that is donated back to the school - VISA (1.25%), Kohl's (4%), PetSmart (9%), Gap (14%) and Lands End (16%) - and if you use these cards for your retail shopping, just imagine how much you could earn for the school without spending anything extra!

When you place orders for Scrip, you pay full face value for the gift cards, and each card provides a percentage of that purchase back to the school. So say you order a $100 gift card for The Home Depot, and you submit a check for that amount by the weekly deadline (Mondays by the end of the school day) and the PTO places a group order that includes your $100 order, we pay less than the full face value for cards (2 – 13% less, depending on the retailer). The Home Depot, for example, offers a 4% rebate, so the PTO pays $96 for that $100 gift card. What happens to that $4 difference? It’s awarded to your school as a rebate!​

Here's how to get signed up:

  1. Sign up to participate>> An autoreply email will be sent to you upon completion with a code to enroll in the Meadow View PTO Scrip program.

  2. Create a Scrip account>> and enter the code you received.

  3. When you want to place an order for gift cards, simply log back in and order what you want.


Here's how the program works:

  1. Order the gift cards online with your Scrip account.

  2. Use the PrestoPay option to pay instantly from your bank account, or submit a check made out to "Meadow View Elementary PTO" to the PTO lock box in the front office by the end of the school day every Monday.
    Orders with checks received by Monday at 3:30 p.m. will be submitted that day, and cards are typically sent back to the school within a week.

  3. Your orders will be sent home with the student you designate when you sign up for the program.

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