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Brett Martin served on the Meadow View PTO board as Co-President last year and
Secretary this year until he welcomed his fourth child (Brett is a stay-at-home dad).


What made you first get involved with the PTO at Meadow View?

I was a pretty regular PTO meeting attendee, and I was interested in helping out. 

What was your favorite experience serving on the board?

Offering up solutions to problems and bring up new ideas. The company was great too!

Do you feel that you made a difference by being part of the PTO board? Why/how?

I made a simple suggestion to have the dads volunteer at Muffins with Mom so the moms could enjoy it, and it has become a nice legacy. It was good to see our large PTO events go well because of my efforts, so I did feel I played a part. You always seem to have a lot of support both inside and outside the group, which is imperative and also reassuring.


What would be your advice to any incoming board member?

Don't get in over your head and be sure to have fun!

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